CATAIR Conference 2014

By Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

September 8, 2014

CATAIR, vehicle accidents and fatigue


If you are a Canadian Accident Reconstructionist, this is one conference you have to attend...I had the privilege of speaking at the CATAIR 2014 Conference this year. There were a number of really interesting vendors and speakers and I met some great people.

Plus, I got to watch cars smash!

Here's a few clips of what you missed:

Watch the oncoming SUV continue after impact and take out some trees!

CATAIR 2014 crash video

This one was taken by a UAV!

CATAIR 2 crash video 2014

This one is from inside the stationary car...quite the visual and a little scary!

CATAIR 3 crash video 2014

Thanks to the CATAIR 2014 Conference organizing committee for the invitation to speak.

Organizing Committee

  • Mark Wright
  • Ron vanDeursen
  • Sue Blacklock
  • Chris Prent

For details on next year's CATAIR Conference check their Web site:

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