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INSTRUCTOR:  Clinton Marquardt, Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

COURSE HIGHLIGHTS:  Everyone feels fatigued now and then. It’s a normal biological state that tells us when we need to sleep. But when it happens in safety critical, high risk, or influential situations, it can lead to negative operational and financial outcomes with often dangerous results. Human fatigue impacts the health, safety and productivity of the 24/7 workforce. It can lead to accidents, incidents, and mistakes that can be costly. This course is designed to provide executives, managers and supervisors with the practical tools and approaches to effectively manage sleep-related fatigue in the workplace and keep employees healthy, safe and productive. Clinton will teach this course from a safety management perspective.

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This Course Satisfies Most Federal Regulations for Fatigue Training World-wide!

Course topic mappings for all regulations can be provided to successful participants. 

  • Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs / Canada)
  • Code of Federal Regulations | Federal Aviation Administration (CFR | FAA/FAR / United States)
  • Duty and Rest Period Rules for Railway Operating Employees (DRPR / Canada)
  • International Maritime Organization (MSC.1/Circ.1598)
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Note that company-specific information required by fatigue training regulations can be included in this training program for in-house sessions.

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TIME: 08:30 to 16:30


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Clint’s training was exceptional! His knowledge and command on the subject pairs nicely with his great presentation style. He is engaging and makes what would otherwise be a complicated topic simple to understand and with logical conclusions. Clint helped bring education on fatigue to places in our organization that we thought could not be reached!

David Michael

Manager Flight Safety, Envoy Air Inc.

Learn how to reduce the risk of fatigue for your shift-workers.

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I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience in fatigue management, as tools I can bring back to my organization.

christine slater

Compliance Officer, Westjet

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MEALS and REFRESHMENTS: Lunch and refreshments are included in the tuition. Please advise Clinton of any food allergies 14 days prior to the course.

CERTIFICATION:  All participants who attend the full course will be awarded certificates of completion. A course topic mapping onto your rules or regulations can be provided upon request.


  • Types of fatigue
  • Defining sleep-related fatigue, the basics of fatigue
  • Fatigue and its relationship to sleep, sleep fundamentals and circadian rhythms
  • Types and stages of sleep
  • Sleep inertia
  • Relationship between sleep quantity & quality
  • The 6 fatigue risk factors, the causes of fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • The effects of commuting, operating through multiple time zones and shift-patterns
  • Chrono-types and the relationship to sleep quality
  • Fatigue-related safety, health and performance impacts on accidents and incidents, the effects of fatigue relative to performance
  • Self-assessment of sleep problems, awareness of fatigue
  • Organizational responsibilities
  • Organizational strategies and fatigue mitigation
  • Personal responsibilities
  • Personal fatigue prevention strategies, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and family life influences on fatigue
  • Personal fatigue countermeasures
  • Stress and its effects on sleep, stress reduction


  • Discuss fatigue and its complex relationship with sleep with employees
  • Use practical tools to identify the 6 human fatigue risk factors
  • Analyze sleep-wake, rostering, and shift-work patterns to determine likelihood of fatigue
  • Implement effective countermeasures to reduce the risk of fatigue
  • Use effective strategies to reduce the risk of fatigue leading to major human performance issues, mistakes, incidents and accidents
  • Understand the difference between fatigue prevention strategies and fatigue countermeasures
  • Implement fatigue risk management approaches at an organizational level
  • Provide employees with fatigue risk management approaches at an individual level
  • Use the content of this training to develop your own in-house training program
  • Incorporate the use of bio-mathematical fatigue modeling to reduce the risk of fatigue and performance impairments
  • Identify and put into place the most important components of an ideal Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) or Fatigue Management Program (FMP)
  • Use the components of an ideal FRMS/FMP to improve the health, safety and productivity of a 24/7 workforce
  • Merge an FRMS/FMP into an existing SMS

My experience in this training program is very positive. I learned a lot that I can apply and have become much more knowledgeable in sleep and fatigue. Clinton is a great instructor and made everything easy to understand and apply.

ruwa yasin

Fatigue Risk Management Manager, Air Canada


  • Senior Executives, Managers and Decision Makers
  • Fatigue Risk Management Leaders
  • Safety Officers and Safety Managers
  • Occupational Health and Safety Professionals
  • Oil and Gas Professionals
  • Transportation regulating agencies and organizations
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Authorities and Regulators
  • Patient Safety and Healthcare Safety Professionals
  • Labour Union Representatives
  • Human Factors Specialists
  • Transportation Professionals
  • Quality Assurance Managers and Specialists
  • Health and Emergency Services Providers
  • Schedulers and Planners
  • Safety and Compliance Specialists

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