More and more organizations are turning their attention to fatigue and the effects of non-standard work hours, shift-work and jet-lag on human performance and rightly so. Accidents, human error, lost productivity and absenteeism resulting from fatigue is costing organizations millions of dollars annually and deteriorating the well-being of their people. Studies have repeatedly shown that reducing fatigue in only one individual can have a positive effect on the organization that translates into a $3,000 profit through reductions in health associated expenses. The savings are even greater when the cost of accidents, human error, lost productivity and decreased employee satisfaction are considered. In safety critical situations, one fatigue related accident can effectively cripple an organization.

“In terms of work completed for hours worked, the results were excellent. I’m not sure how Clint completed the amount of work he did in such minimal hours, but I couldn’t be happier. I already have everything I need from a human factors perspective to write the report, and I had it within a few days. Outstanding.”
Ewan T., Senior Aviation Accident Investigator, Toronto, Canada.

In addition to beneficial financial and operational outcomes, effectively managing fatigue in your people can result in great organizational transformations. As a highly experienced fatigue expert, Clinton will be instrumental in transforming your organization to improve its human performance through his proprietary approach to developing fatigue risk management systems. Clinton can provide:

  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Fatigue Risk Assessments
  • Scheduling Solutions
  • Shift-work Adjustment Assessments
  • Sleep Assessments
  • Shift-work Chrono-Clinics
  • Shift-work and Jet-Set Sleep Optimization
  • Fatigue Accident Investigation
  • Professional Athlete Sleep Optimization
  • Roster Risk Analysis
  • Empirical Research and Report Writing

Clinton has over 28 years of experience in managing the complex interplay between management, union, human and biological variables that influence fatigue outcomes. Clinton has functioned as:

  • Fatigue Specialist for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  • Regulatory Policy Advisor
  • Fatigue Consultant
  • Technical Director of the Royal Ottawa Sleep Disorders Centre
  • Transportation Accident Investigator
  • Human Factors Consultant
  • Shift Schedule Designer
  • Educator and Trainer
  • Sleep Coach
  • Work-Rest Rules Committee Advisor
  • Fatigue Risk Management System Designer
  • University Researcher
  • Professor of Psychology

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