Clinton Marquardt – Human Fatigue Specialist

Clinton laughin_smAs an internationally recognized Human Fatigue Specialist, Clinton takes the latest in fatigue science and turns it into practical, implementable solutions that reduce fatigue and optimize the health, safety and productivity of your 24/7 workforce. One of these solutions is his approach to managing human fatigue which he teaches to audiences worldwide.

Clinton is the only Fatigue Specialist to have served as the Senior Human Factors Investigator with the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada. In this role, he modernized the TSB’s approach to understanding the influence of fatigue on human performance, accidents and incidents. Clinton wrote the TSB’s Guide to Investigating Sleep-Related Fatigue. He has also been a Professor of Psychology, the Technical Director of the Royal Ottawa Hospital’s Sleep Disorders Centre and he is a frequent media interviewee. He has appeared on respected programs such as Global TV’s 16 x9, CBC’s News Network and CBC’s The National.

Clinton holds a Master of Arts in Psychology degree with a specialization in behavioural sleep medicine and fatigue as well as the RPSGT designation recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. In his keynote speeches, consulting and training services, Clinton uses his 25 years of experience to provide you with practical, science-based solutions to reduce fatigue and optimize the health, safety and productivity of your 24/7 workforce.


Clinton is the recipient of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s Excellence in Investigations Award.

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