"Finally, a Proven Remedy for Snoring."

Is Snoring driving you (or your bedmate) Crazy?

Stop Snoring Tonight!

Picture this… you are peacefully enjoying a deep, restful sleep and maybe even dreaming of relaxing on a sunny beach listening to the ocean waves gently lap against the sandy shore. You are feeling relaxed and peaceful. Then, just like the shocking screech of the morning alarm clock, your bed-partner starts to SNORE!

At first you try to ignore the chain-saw noise of the snoring. You close your eyes between breaths and think the intrusion has stopped. But then it starts again, and with every snarl you become more and more frustrated and unable to sleep.

You worry that if you can’t get back to sleep, you’ll be too tired to function well during the day or worse, you’ll feel sick. You try to resist waking your bed-partner who seems unaware of your growing frustration.

But you need your sleep also and you question yourself “Why should I be the one to suffer?” and with that thought you elbow your bed-partner who rolls over without even waking up.

Minutes later, the snoring starts again and your sleeplessness continues, night after night.

Stop Snoring GUARANTEED!

If this sounds familiar, then I have a guaranteed solution that will give you the gift of a good night’s sleep. My name is Clinton Marquardt and I have been working and studying in the area of sleep for over 20 years. I am also the only Human Fatigue Specialist on the Internet who is ready to help you get the sleep of your dreams. I’ve found a little known secret that I’ve been using to help people just like you.

Don’t Suffer from Second Hand Snoring any Longer!

You endure the nightly awakenings until the frustration with your bed-partner and fatigue become too much. The lover’s quarrels increase and the emotional gap between you widens. In one last attempt to fix the problem, you start to sleep in separate bedrooms. You find that sleeping separately helps for a little while, but the loss of intimacy makes you feel worried, alone, and stressed while lying in bed unable to sleep. Without the restorative power of sleep, relationship difficulties are more difficult to ignore and the downward spiral continues. BUT NOW, EVERY NIGHT, COUPLES JUST LIKE YOU ARE BEING REUNITED!

If your relationship could use more intimacy, then I have the solution.

Happy Couple Sleeping

  • Feel Closer to Your Lover
  • Share More Intimate Time
  • Sleep More Deeply
  • Sleep through the Whole Night
  • Wake up Feeling Refreshed

What if I am the Snorer?

If you are the Snorer, then I congratulate you! This is a great way to improve your life. Contrary to common belief, snoring is not normal. If you are snoring, it means that you are not breathing properly. The air is being restricted by the soft tissue, tonsils, adenoids and uvula in your upper airway. As the air passes by these structures it vibrates the tissue and causes the snoring sounds. If you are not breathing properly, it can have long term health effects. Take the first step towards better health today and try out the SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. Risk Free!

The SOLUTION: The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

I’d like to share the Snoring Solution with you because I believe that too many people are unnecessarily suffering from snoring. I’m doing it because it makes me feel good to help people get a great night’s sleep with this quick and easy solution. This is not a hard sell technique to get you to buy a product that doesn’t even work. I stand behind this simple solution 100%. I’m going to share the information and you can decide on your own if it is right for you. This solution:

  • Is Guaranteed to Help
  • Will Reduce your Awakenings
  • Help you Sleep Longer
  • Help you Wake up Feeling Refreshed, and
  • Will Energize your Day!

Here’s how it works:

The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece gently keeps your mouth in the right position to prevent the soft tissue in your upper airway from vibrating. Your breathing becomes normal again and your snoring problem will be a thing of the past. All you need to do is comfortably form fit the mouthpiece once and wear it while you sleep. Snoring will be gone for good and you will start to enjoy the benefits of normal breathing and a restful sleep.

How SnorBan Works:  Left image is with no mouthpiece and a restricted airway; right image is with Snorban and a nice open airway with no snoring!

Here is what you get with your SnorBan Kit:

Fitted Mouthpiece Snorban

The images above are the kit that you will receive and a fitted mouthpiece. The fitting only takes a few minutes and is explained on the easy instruction sheet.

Clinically PROVEN Technology

The technology behind the SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece was independently validated through recent clinical studies and published in respected research journals such as:

  • Sleep Breathing
  • Sleep Medicine Reviews

Check out these research papers on the SnorBan Web site.


Here’s what the American Sleep Disorders Association said in their published review* of many clinical studies of anti-snoring mouthpieces:

  1. “Snoring is improved and often eliminated in almost all patients who use oral appliances.”
  2. “All published clinical studies in which snoring was assessed, representing a variety of oral devices, show improvement in a high proportion of users.”
  3. “Objective observations support the consistent improvement reported by users and bed partners.”
  4. ”Most users report an improvement in daytime sleepiness.”

*An American Sleep Disorders Assoc. Review: Wolfgang Schmidt-Norwara et al. Oral Appliances for the Treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Review. Sleep, 18(6), 501-510.

The figures below show how snoring stopped for one recent user of the SnorBan. A person’s breathing pattern can be recorded using a small temperature sensor placed in front of the mouth and connected to a computer. When snoring occurs, the signal from the sensor is disrupted and results in a flat line on the computer display. When a person wears SnorBan the signal is not disrupted by snoring and the line does not go flat.

BEFORE: Without SnorBan – Flat Lines Indicate Snoring
AFTER: With the SnorBan – Normal Breathing is Restored and Snoring is Gone!


You too can EXPECT these RESULTS!


Read what HAPPY CLIENTS have said:

“I just wanted to give a testimonial to the wonderful effect SnorBan has had on my life. I had never snored until I reached my late thirties but then the snoring went from a light snore while on my back to a terribly loud chain-saw in just a couple of years. It was obvious that my body was not getting proper rest since I would wake up in the morning being just as tired as when I went to bed. My wife was also concerned. The final straw came when a group of men and I were on a hunting trip. They declared that I snored so loud that I may be the next thing shot if I didn’t shut up. A few weeks after that I was in a store and happened upon The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. I read the claims and testimonials on the box and decided to give it a try. Besides, the price was right and I had absolutely nothing to lose. I noticed a difference after the first night of use. For the first time in years I awoke feeling rested and refreshed. To top it off, my wife said I hadn’t snored at all. I haven’t been without SnorBan since that time. I just want to thank you for a product that actually works. SnorBan has probably saved my life. Thanks again!”
-David M.

“I was so embarrassed when I was asked to leave the Bed & Breakfast Inn on my European vacation. Now that I don’t snore I can go back with confidence.”
-Kay M.

“The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece brought us together in the bedroom. It’s nice to live normally again.”
-Jill K.

“I can go camping again with my kids and not have to sleep outside the camp.”
-Dick M.

“Now that I don’t snore I am no longer the brunt of cruel jokes about my snoring.”
-Dan W.

“I’ve finally found a simple solution to the agony of snoring.”
-Gary K.

”Just wanted to drop a line to thank you (actually my wife really thanks you!). I was ready to try surgery (at a cost of over $2,000) when I came across an ad for a custom mouthpiece. The cost was $895.00. That was cheaper than an operation, and I was close to buying it when I checked out your Web site and saw that you sold your product at a fraction of what I would have paid. I received it quickly and the snoring stopped at once. My wife was delirious at getting her first full night’s sleep in months. Thanks again for keeping my wife and I in the same bedroom.”
-Michael C.


1. Surgical techniques to stop snoring use scalpels or lasers and are very painful. They are also permanent, once the tissue has been removed you can never get it back. What happens if scientists discover that we actually need this soft tissue to fight infections for example? These techniques are also very expensive and in many cases they don’t produce permanent results; 80% of the time they don’t work. The Snorban Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece  is comfortable and it works!

2. Somnoplasty, using high frequency radio waves to shrink the tissue, is also painful and expensive. Most of the time the tissue grows back to its normal size and the procedure must be repeated. The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is fitted once and snoring is gone for good!

3. The electronic noise sensor that straps to your wrist and gives you a shock to continuously wake you up when you snore only make you more sleepy during the day. Can you imagine waking up every five minutes all night long? The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece will give you more energy!

4. Custom fitted mouthpieces that dentists supply are less comfortable, cost at least $500.00 and most dental plans don’t cover the treatment. The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is very affordable!

5. If you try these other methods and they don’t work it means you’ve wasted $1,000’s, experienced a lot of pain, and only become more tired during the day for nothing. You will have to start your search for a solution all over. The SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is your best choice!

SnorBan is BETTER than all these methods because it is:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Fit
  • Easy to Wear
  • Non-intrusive
  • Less Expensive than all other Methods, and
  • Best of All, I Guarantee it will Work!

Limited Time Offer!

As one of Canada’s Top Sleep & Fatigue Specialists, I have a great reputation that I want to preserve. I stand behind SnorBan 100% and I have been recommending it for over 20 years!

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Before you order, take this simple 15 second test:

1. Do you have TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint pain)?

2. Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

3. Do you have trouble breathing through your nose when lying down?

4. Do you wear full dentures?

5. Do you have an excessive overbite?

6. Do you have sleep apnea? (You may need an overnight sleep study to determine this.)

7. Do you want to pay a lot of money to stop snoring?

If you answered “No” to all seven questions, then the SnorBan Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is for you!

Just imagine what it would be like to sleep without ever being jarred awake by snoring again and to FEEL GREAT ALL DAY. Bye bye sleepiness, hello life!

All for only $54.99 USD!



One Last Note

The tag line I sometimes use is “Helping you get the Sleep you Need and the Dreams you Desire”. I know it sounds a little corny, but I am committed to this statement. If you answered “Yes” to one of the five questions above, have been diagnosed with apnea, or did not find the sleep information you were looking for, I’d still like to help you.

Send me a quick note and I will try my best to help you out.

Sleep well soon,


Clinton Marquardt
Sleep & Fatigue Specialist