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  • Learn the Step-Wise Method for Analyzing Fatigue
  • Satisfy FRMS/FMP & SMS Requirements
  • Save Resources by Identifying the Right Corrective Actions
  • Improve Safety, Health and Productivity

If you are working in an SMS environment, you should be analyzing the role of fatigue in your incidents and accidents. This means you have to go beyond just asking if the people were fatigued. You have to know how to look for the 6 Fatigue Risk Factors and you will have to understand the errors that fatigue can cause. You could spend a couple of years researching the risk factors and errors and then developing your own method. But why not learn it all in just two days?

You will learn from the TSB's former Human Fatigue Specialist, Clinton Marquardt!

A captivating, engaging, and approachable speaker who can really connect with the audience. He caters his presentations and examples to the needs and interests of the learners. Always lots of great feedback from our participants.

Stephanie, H., Ottawa, Canada

In his two-day hands on course, Sleep & Fatigue Specialist Clinton Marquardt, will teach you the easy to follow step-wise method he optimized and refined for the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada. This internationally recognized and accepted method will integrate perfectly with your contemporary Safety Management System (SMS) or Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). Your safety investigations will be more comprehensive with strong conclusions about fatigue as a risk or causal factor. With better investigations, you will be able to identify the right corrective actions without wasting time and money on ineffective and poorly targeted ones.

Clinton is the author of the TSB's
"Guide to Investigating Sleep-Related Fatigue"

Clinton will equip you with in-depth knowledge of the latest fatigue science that will allow you to make accurate determinations of the impact of fatigue on the safety, health and performance of your organization. You will be able to use this information to improve your SMS and FRMS.You will learn the material through an engaging use of case studies and hands-on experience as Clinton guides you step-by-step through the method.

Clinton Marquardt-Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

Fatigue Science-Based Training Results in Investigations that Support Your Safety Action

Thank you again for a phenomenal couple of days. The subject matter was so valuable to me for myself and for my position as a manager and your obvious expertise and delivery of the topic made the course riveting. Thank you again and safe journeys!

Kevin O’Driscoll – Manager of Train Operations, Via Rail

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Upgrade Your Investigative Skills

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use the step-wise method to analyze the role of fatigue in your incidents and accidents
  • Distinguish sleep-related fatigue from other forms of human fatigue
  • Convince people of the need to analyze the role of fatigue in incidents and accidents
  • Collect the right data to be able to analyze fatigue
  • Prioritize perishable fatigue data
  • Ask the right questions during and after interviews
  • Teach your team about the complex relationship between sleep and fatigue
  • Understand the difference between Textbook and Optimal Sleep
  • Identify the 6 Fatigue Risk Factors
  • Describe the common fatigue related performance impairments and human errors
  • Make strong conclusions about whether fatigue was a risk or causal factor in your incidents and accidents
  • Analyze incidents and accidents to identify the contributing conditions and underlying factors to fatigue
  • Use the fatigue risk factor information to create fatigue reduction strategies and improve your Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) or Fatigue Management Program (FMP)
  • Save time and money by identifying the right corrective actions to reduce fatigue
  • Satisfy SMS and FRMS/FMP regulatory requirements for incident and accident analysis
  • Perform more comprehensive accident analyses
  • Improve the safety, health and productivity of your 24/7 workforce
  • Build your network of professionals interested in fatigue, investigations and safety


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This Course is Designed for:

  • Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists
  • Safety Officers and Safety Managers
  • Occupational Health and Safety Managers
  • Transportation regulators
  • Manufacturing safety personnel
  • Authorities and regulators responsible for approving and assessing Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Labour Union Representatives
  • Medical Examiners & Flight Surgeons
  • Senior Managers
  • Safety and Compliance Specialists
  • Transportation Safety Boards
  • Human Factors Professionals and Trainers
  • Fatigue Managers and Fatigue Risk Management Leaders

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Clinton Marquardt during our FRMS continuous improvement project. Clinton’s use of case studies was both interesting and beneficial.

Stephen Lentle - Director of Flight Operations, Morningstar Air Express Inc.

           Save $200.00 with Early-Bird Pricing!

A Discounted Group Rate is Available, to find our more, e-mail Clinton Today!

Space is Limited and this Course Always Sells Out!


DATE: To be scheduled soon!

TIME: 08:30 – 17:00

LOCATION: To be determined

TUITION: This is the only course of its kind throughout the world and Clinton’s class sizes are much smaller than most, it will be like working one-on-one with an internationally respected fatigue expert. With these course perks, the tuition is a bargain!

  • GROUP RATE: Discounts are available, please inquire

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are available if requested at least 7 days before the course. A fee of $100 will be applied to cover administrative expenses (e.g., bank fees, printed materials, hotel service charges).

MEALS and REFRESHMENTS: Lunches and refreshment breaks are usually included in the tuition. Please advise Clinton of any food allergies 14 days prior to the course.

CREDITS and CERTIFICATION: This course has been pre-approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) for 14 CEU’s upon obtaining a passing grade on the examination. ACTAR members should bring appropriate ACTAR identification, including their ID number, for registration of the CEU’s. All participants who attend the full course will be awarded certificates of completion.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The closest hotel to the training location will be provided

CLOSEST AIRPORT: To be determined

Approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction for 14 CEU’s!

This is the only Canadian ACTAR Accredited course of its kind to be taught by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s former Fatigue Specialist.


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