Tom Meldrum – Director Investigations and Learning, BP

“Clinton provided 3 days of training on fatigue to our most experienced incident investigators. This was the highlight of a two week event and significantly exceeded my expectations. Clint’s engagement, style and humour were second to none and I recommend him unreservedly.”

Marc Moncion – Vice President, Safety, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at Fleet Complete

As I fully expected, your session was off the charts amazing! The entire audience was captivated, including yours truly, so congratulations on that, Clinton!”

Greg Fowler – General Manager, Morningstar Air Express Inc.

“Clint’s insight and subject matter expertise provided excellent value for the money we allocated towards the continuous improvement of our Fatigue Risk Management System. I would recommend Clint’s services without hesitation, as he delivered a quality product tailored to both our operational platform and our budgetary requirements.”

Cody Metoyer – Sr Specialist, Flight Ops SMS, American Airlines

“I’ve worked in a fatigue program and studied and trained in bettering those programs. This was the best training I’ve received.”

Christine Slater – Safety Compliance Officer, Westjet

“I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience in fatigue management, as tools I can bring back to my organization.”

Abigail Martin – Human Resources Advisor, Seafair Capital

“I would like to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for organizing such an insightful and engaging training program. The two days spent exploring the topic of fatigue management were truly enlightening, and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the sessions.”

Courtney H. – Safety Investigator, RCAF

“I have recently just completed an investigation and this course made me rethink a few things regarding the occurrence to the point that I went back and analyzed the information gathered regarding the member’s previous sleep schedules.  SO…. Thank you for the increased awareness and potential avenues to consider.”

Stephen Lentle – Director of Flight Operations, Morningstar Air Express Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Clinton Marquardt during our FRMS continuous improvement project. Clinton’s use of case studies was both interesting and beneficial –in one case study he was able to lead our group and effortlessly highlight the challenges and propose potential solutions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Marquardt’s services for anyone interested in either developing an FRMS or working to improve an existing FRMS.”

Dian Rimsa – Senior Construction Safety Officer, Safety, Metrolinx.

“This training definitely by far is the best incident investigation training I have attended.”

Shawn Cruickshank – Vice President Safety & Quality, Canadian Helicopters Ltd.

“This training is a crucial component of any modern safety system. It’s relevant, impactful, and appropriate.”

Yves Bolduc – Captain, STARS

“Thank you very much for your insights.  It is exactly what I was looking for. So again, thank you for a very insightful webinar.”

Ryan Glanzer – First Officer, American Airlines

“I came in with a bias of “what could I possibly learn that I don’t already know?” How wrong I was! I learned so much including the “why” behind the science.”

Stephanie H.

“A captivating, engaging, and approachable speaker who can really connect with the audience. He caters his presentations and examples to the needs and interests of the learners. Always lots of great feedback from our participants.”

Vern G. – Flight Safety Officer

“The training was a fantastic opportunity to gain the benefit of insights learned across a career.”

Ruwa Yasin – Fatigue Risk Manager, Air Canada

“My experience in this training program is very positive. I learned a lot that I can apply and have become much more knowledgeable in sleep and fatigue. Clinton is a great instructor and made everything easy to understand and apply.”

Andy C. – Air Surveillance Technician, Department of National Defence

“I just wanted start by saying that I found your course so very interesting, inspirational and 100% relevant to our current efforts with FRM ….”

David Arsenault – Base Manager, Canadian Helicopters Ltd.

“Right on target for aviation managers. The whole content was useful and pertinent”.

Paul Woods – Manager, Aviation Operational &Training Programs, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

“Your program and training is engaging and of great value to safety practitioners in any industry.”

Jörgen Weden – Flight Inspector, Swedish Transport Agency

“Great course, content very valuable in setting the standard for how deep you have to dig to draw conclusions when investigating fatigue as a factor in reports, incidents and accidents.”

“Taught investigating process will be highly useful working with operators applying for FRM as well as assessing scientific studies and safety cases when applying for deviations/derogations.”

“Clinton’s knowledge and experience made the connections between our fatigue case study and case relevant scientific studies/data seamless.”

Chris Kourtis – System Safety Specialist, Metrolinx

“Clint’s training uses a simulated event, with real-world scenarios, to teach you how to go through the difficult steps of identifying what really happened during an accident and why.  This is a very practical and realistic training course that will improve our SMS investigation process.”

Jerry Higdon – HSEQ Coordinator, Marine Operations & Services, Husky Energy

Extremely knowledgeable and effective communicator.  It was a pleasure to attend the workshop and I would welcome other sessions with Clinton.”

Geoff T. – Organizing Committee Chairperson, International Rail Accident Investigation Conference

“On behalf of the Organizing Committee, may I thank you for contributing so much to the conference; both in your presentation and for the workshops. The verbal feedback I have received so far is summed up in one quote ‘It was worth coming just to hear Mr. Marquardt’. I, and all my colleagues here at RAIB fully concur with that comment.”

Bill Littlejohn – Manager, Aviation Maintenance Programs, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

“I attended Clinton’s Investigating Human Fatigue Factors course.  Due to circumstances in our course loading process, we ended up with attendees that were not best suited to the targeted course content. Clinton began day 1 with his prepared material which was well structured and delivered.  Although the material was interesting and useful, I could clearly see that the content was not well matched to the audience.  After a side meeting with Clinton, I was both impressed and pleased with his understanding and ability to shift gears on the fly.  Clinton leaned on his extensive knowledge and experience to turn the focus of our training from fatigue investigations to a more audience suited, fatigue management.  Let me conclude by saying that I completed the 2-day session with so much more understanding of fatigue and all of its complexities, for professional as well as personal benefit.  The better we can understand what Clinton teaches us, the safer and healthier our employees will be.”

Julie Collishaw – Accident Reconstructionist at Ontario Provincial Police

“Again, I really enjoyed your course (I was at the OPP Recon Seminar). I’ve been telling my co-workers who will be there in January about how great it was!

Christina Marshall – Manager, Occupational Health and Safety at Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador

“The issue of fatigue risk management has been of particular interest to our clients across all industry sectors in our province. Clinton offered our group his unique perspective and expertise in understanding this critical workplace topic in an interactive, participatory and enjoyable way. Using case examples and the most up-to-date scientific information, Clinton made our workshop both engaging and unforgettable. We look forward to working together again in the near future.”

Kim Hobbs – Manager of Safety, Calgary Airport Authority

“Clinton’s fatigue course will hopefully strengthen our current program and provide new strategies.”

Mindy, R. – Health, Safety, Environment Manager, Capital Pressure Ltd.

“The course will definitely assist with our hours of service issues and scheduling concerns.”

Dr. Kim Sears & Dr. David Goldstein – Queen’s University, Faculty of Health Sciences

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for your participation in 840: Introduction Quality, Risk and Safety. Your excellent presentation made it possible to deliver an engaging, challenging and diverse learning experience that our students thoroughly enjoyed. We believe that it is only through this student centered approach that we will begin to make a difference in lives of patients and practitioners around the globe. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to make the course a success. Further, we look forward to having you as a guest speaker in the future.”

Amanda W. – Transportation Safety Program, B.C. Forest Safety Council

“This information will assist our organization in getting forestry companies to pay greater attention to fatigue and the role it plays in the incidents occurring throughout British Columbia”

Dawn S. – Safety Advisor, On-Track Safety Solutions Ltd.

“This course will be a great benefit when investigating accidents and incidents that occur in the transportation industry, it also helped me realize I have a sleep disorder!”

Janine King, MA, LPA – Psychotherapist

“I recently consulted with Mr. Clinton Marquardt concerning a sleep study. His acumen, knowledge and ability to review and explain the complexity of the situation was exemplary. I highly recommend Mr. Marquardt for his skills and helpfulness for sleep/fatigue issues.”

Pierre LeFort – Advisor Railway Operations, Transport Canada

“I recently attended a fatigue and human factors workshop put on by Clinton Marquardt in Ottawa. It was very well organized and was a very informative learning experience.  Clinton does an extremely good job of bringing technical concepts into terms that us ordinary folk can understand! He also is able to provide plenty of real life examples of how sleep and fatigue affect us in our daily lives.  As an example, after some discussion with him I realized I have a mild form of sleep apnea! Not only did he help me with my own sleep disorder he went the extra mile to help me find an appropriate sleep treatment – I am eagerly awaiting delivery of a sleep aid device!”

Dr. Peter MacLean, C.Psych – Centretown Psychological Services

“Mr. Clinton Marquardt’s expertise on reducing the negative effects of sleeping disorders has been evident to me in previous consultations with him.  Individuals and organizations will both be in good hands with Mr. Marquardt in regard to enhancing that all-important area of regenerative sleep to facilitate optimal awake functioning.”

Robin Hollett – Manager, Runways and Taxiways, Airfield Operations, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Canada

“I recently attended one of Clinton’s human fatigue training sessions where he was asked to provide information on how to investigate the role of fatigue in accidents.  It turned out that the audience was more interested in learning about managing fatigue. In only about 10 minutes Clinton was able to fully transform the training into a session on fatigue risk management. Learning about the latest in fatigue science and how we can use it to improve the health, safety and productivity of our 24/7 workforce was engaging and eye-opening.  I highly recommend Clinton as an expert in managing the risk of human fatigue.”

Stephanie – American Airlines

“This has been one of the most informative and applicable courses I have taken in awhile. I appreciate knowledge that is given/instructed in a way that I can easily apply.”

Ewan T. – Senior Aviation Accident Investigator

“In terms of work completed for hours worked, the results were excellent. I’m not sure how Clint completed the amount of work he did in such minimal hours, but I couldn’t be happier. I already have everything I need from a human factors perspective to write the report, and I had it within a few days. Outstanding.”

John Gallagher – Accident Reconstructionist at Ontario Provincial Police

“Thank you once again, I really enjoyed your course, you put on a good show to keep it interesting.”

Kris Hodgson – Manager of Training and Standards, Morningstar Air Express Inc.

It was a pleasure to work closely with Clint Marquardt during our FRMS continuous improvement project and observe him using his skills as a Fatigue Specialist to quickly and efficiently identify areas for potential improvement.  His efforts have allowed us to effectively deploy our resources in the most beneficial direction.”

Steve Gallagher – Director, (ret’d), Corporate Safety, Cando Rail Services Ltd

“I have always been a staunch supporter of fatigue management within the railroad industry and have had a better opportunity to push this in our organization in the last 5 years. We are getting to where we need to be, through no small part that you have played with your seminars and shift modelling that you provided for us.  With federal legislation coming into play in the next 10 months and more to follow, Cando will be looking for some input from yourself to be an industry leader in fatigue management.”

Brehanna S. –  American Airlines

A highly engaging and enlightening experience on fatigue that I will be able to carry through my personal and professional life.”

Matt Knox – B.Sc., M.Eng., P.Geo., Engineering Geologist

“I really enjoyed the course over the past few days, very eye opening and I look forward to the challenge of applying it at BGC. The very interactive presentation of the course was also great.”

Shelley Sackney – Director, System Safety, Canadian North

“Canadian North recently had their key management and safety stakeholders attend Clinton’s 2-day fatigue risk management program to better understand the science of fatigue. The content of the program will be referenced as we continue to work on our related policies and procedures to ensure a far reaching company fatigue risk management program.”

Kyle Blair – Manager Audit & Operations, Canadian National Railway

“… was an excellent course I found a lot of value in the material personally and professionally.”

Kevin O’Driscoll – Manager of Train Operations, Via Rail

“Thank you again for a phenomenal couple of days. The subject matter was so valuable to me for myself and for my position as a manager and your obvious expertise and delivery of the topic made the course riveting.”

Charlie Charalambous – Fleet Safety Council Conference Chairperson

“On behalf of the conference committee I wanted to share a few words about Clinton and his presentation. Clinton was a guest speaker at the Fleet Safety Council Annual Educational Conference 2019 and did not disappoint. His expertise provided great value to our delegates who all left with actionable items they could share with their organizations. Clinton presented “Teasing Out The Role of Sleep Related Fatigue in Safety Incidents” and his presentation was both informative and interactive. Thank you Clinton for being part of our day and for helping make the conference a success!”

G. Fleming – Special Operations Aviation

“Thanks again for an extremely informative course with direct impact on flight safety. Your course delivery was impeccable and very engaging.”

Debbie Kosmalski – Safety & Compliance, Bestway Cartage Ltd.

“I found Clinton’s presentation very interesting – he was probably the favourite speaker of the day, not only for the material but also for his presentation style.”

Tricia Machen – Senior Specialist Air Operations Safety Management System, American Airlines

I learned so much these past two days. I hope to make a difference at work and at home using the techniques I learned.”

David Michael – Manager Flight Safety, Envoy Air Inc.

“Clint’s training was exceptional! His knowledge and command on the subject pairs nicely with his great presentation style. He is engaging and makes what would otherwise be a complicated topic simple to understand and with logical conclusions. Clint helped bring education on fatigue to places in our organization that we thought could not be reached!”