National Napping Day 2023 | Why Electronic Devices Keep You Up at Night

By Preferred Authors

February 23, 2023

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March 13th is national napping day!

This date is purposefully chosen to fall the day after Daylight Savings when we are all 1 hour more sleep deprived. This extra hour is significant when 1 in 3 Canadians aged 35-64 (check out the Info-graphic linked here too) are reporting poor sleep quantity or quality already! Let us try to move this statistic and everyone enjoy a nap on National Napping Day.

why electronic devices keep you up at night

Many of us have developed a bedtime habit of scrolling around on our devices or falling asleep to our favourite TV show. This Sleep Foundation article explains the detriment these devices can have on our sleep and provides links to supporting studies. As an added bonus, check out this entertaining and educational video….it is a great companion for the article. 

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