Using Caffeine Strategically for Shift-Work | Awake: The Million Dollar Game

By Preferred Authors

June 29, 2023

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using caffeine strategically for shift-work 

The American National Air Traffic Controllers Association along with a collaborative steering committee created a campaign called Fully Charged aimed at changing the culture in the air traffic workforce surrounding fatigue, and the value of alertness. They have many useful resources that could be helpful to shift-workers in any industry. Among them was one, that we feel, did a particularly good job at highlighting the truths and myths about caffeine use, here it is:

awake: the million dollar game

Looking for a little light-hearted viewing? How about a Netflix comedy game show where contestants compete for a $1 million prize doing various silly tasks. The real challenge is that they are performing these tasks after being sleepless for 24 hours! Many of our shift-workers out there will either feel empathetic or appalled!

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