Healthy Sleep Practices for Shift Workers | Hypnagogic Hallucinations

By Preferred Authors

January 30, 2024

better sleep, fatigue, hallucinations, lifestyle management, shift-work

healthy sleep practices for shift-workers

The Sleep Health Foundation and Central Queensland University of Australia teamed up to create a fact sheet, Healthy Sleep Guidelines for Shift-Workers. This is a useful reference for new and veteran shift-workers, but consider sharing it with your family and living partners. Reading these guidelines may be an eye-opener for your household and help them better understand how to support your efforts to be a healthy shift-worker.

hypnagogic hallucinations

Ever think you've seen someone at the foot of your bed just as you are falling asleep, then startle awake? You then realize there is no one there but are left with an eerie feeling that maybe you've seen a ghost? Hypnagogic hallucinations, also sometimes referred to as waking dreams, are generally not a cause for concern. 

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