Fatigue Effects on Driving | The Best Direction to Sleep

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March 23, 2023

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Science of Sleep - Fatigue Effects on Driving

How many times have you driven after a long shift, or perhaps pushed through the last hour of a road trip? The Road Safety Commission of Western Australia has created an excellent awareness video aimed to educate the public about the serious consequences of driving while fatigued. We don't have many fatigue awareness campaigns here in Canada that are aimed at the general public, but should. Take a minute to watch this poignant video and share it with anyone you think may need to hear this message too. Other excellent resources on this topic can be found at the Government of Western Australia's website.

The Best Direction to Sleep: What is the Recommended Orientation to Sleep in?

The Sleep Foundation explores the recommendations from ancient practices that are still popular beliefs in modern day. If you are having a hard time falling asleep or are experiencing poor quality sleep for unknown reasons maybe re-arranging your bedroom is worth a try. Although there is not a lot of scientific backing to these practices, there is certainly no harm in trying them!

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