Trouble Tolerating CPAP?  Here’s some reasons why… — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for this article Clint.

    There are 2 reasons why I say it is good to keep pets out of the bedroom. The first one is that they can disturb your sleep and/or wake you up if they are active. If your little beasts don’t disturb your sleep or wake you up, then it’s not a problem to let them sleep with you. If there is some disturbance, and you really can’t bare the change to exiling them, then you just have to be comfortable with less than stellar sleep. This may mean managing fatigue differently. Which might mean being careful to choose the right times to drive, that is, not during the post lunch dip or at night when fatigue is naturally higher. Or it might mean a nap during the day or more strategic use of caffeine. Either way, if they are not totally messing up your sleep, the fatigue should be manageable.

    The second reason is because pet fur and dander can be allergens that can get pulled into CPAP machines. This means the contaminates get pumped directly into your respiratory system. Again, if you can’t bare to exile the little creatures, then more frequent cleaning and bed changing is needed. Vacuum daily and change all bed coverings every 2nd day. Some people even remove all carpet and put down hardwood, tiles or just paint the floor. This keeps the contaminates from getting trapped in carpet and puffed into the air every time you walk in the room.