Sleep Pods: What’s out there now?

By Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

April 25, 2019

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The only true solution for fatigue is to give the brain and body what it needs….that is, get some SLEEP! It is also the healthiest and best fatigue prevention and countermeasure strategy .  

I tend to work with very progressive and future thinking clients and they are looking for creative ways to help their workforces get the sleep they need. Some have spruced up their crew lounges, some have implemented policies for napping, some have provided comfy eye-masks and noise canceling headphones, and the really progressive ones have started using sleep pods.  There is a growing interest in this creative sleep solution because you can plop them in any quiet corner of your facility and instantly improve your workforce’s alertness.

I have been curious about sleep pod choices and price ranges for quite some time and recently asked my assistant to research them.  Check out what she has found so far:

We will keep our eyes open for new sleep pods and add them to the list as we find them.  Check back in a few months to see if we have found anything new.

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