Phototherapy Light Box – TRAVelite — 2 Comments

  1. I received my Bright Light Therapy lamp, thanks. I read (either in the brochure or on your web site) that light therapy is beneficial for shift workers. I work 12 hour shifts. I work two 12 hour days (7am- 7pm ) then two 12 hour nights (7pm-7am) then have either 4 or 5 days off, one of them being a sleep day. What are your suggestions for me getting the most benefit from my lamp. There was also a suggestion that it be taken to
    work, if one is a shift worker. Should it be used on night shift?? Is it a good practice for me to use the lamp after coming off night shift, before I go to sleep? I live on the west coast where it is beautiful but we have very long stretches of grey overcast days. Thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Happy to hear that your light arrived safely. Yes these lights are an
      excellent way to make shift work a little more bearable. Creating a perfect
      light-use protocol for shiftwork is challenging and can often take a few
      weeks of “tweaking”. Given your schedule and geographic location the
      quickest way to benefit from using the light is to use it for 45 minutes
      when you wake up and start your day. You should also slowly work up to
      using it for that length of time. Start at 15 minutes and add 10 minutes of
      exposure every 3 days. You will feel great while using it and if you are
      like most people, you will feel a nice burst of energy about 30 minutes

      It is best not to use the light too close to bedtime, whether this is in the
      AM or PM. Using a light while on your shift is also a great way to help
      your body. Simply keep the light on during the first 10 hours of your 12
      hour shift and then turn it off. Make sure that you are just getting ambient
      and not direct exposure to the light when used all shift. Direct exposure
      for 12 hours is too much. Also, if you notice that it is more difficult
      than usual to fall asleep, stop the exposure earlier.

      I have smaller light units that are much easier to bring to work. Maybe your
      employer can buy one or two for the workgroup. People’s performance is often
      increased and they make a lot less errors while using this type of
      countermeasure for shift-work.

      Try these tips out and let me know how they help. I can offer many more
      sleep coaching tips to help with shift-work and bright light use and I would
      gladly offer you a preferred coaching rate. I also offer group rates for
      sleep coaching sessions and would be happy to help your company out.