This course is offered in-person across 3 full days or in a live-virtual format across 5 half days.  A 2 day condensed and intensive Accident-Incident Safety Investigator Training Program is available for organizations with a current Safety Management System (SMS). Your SMS investigation components can be mapped onto the CIIP.

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INSTRUCTOR:  The course is taught by the recipient of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's Excellence in Investigations AwardClinton Marquardt, Accident Investigator, Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

Figure out the accident puzzle

This training will help you put the pieces of the puzzle together, to make sense of the accident or incident so that you can develop effective corrective actions.

DESCRIPTION:  The Accident-Incident Safety Investigator Training Program provides participants with a step-wise methodology to investigate accidents and incidents from a Safety Management Systems (SMS) perspective. The method was modelled after internationally recognized investigation processes used by the world's foremost safety boards. The method, now called the Critical Incident Investigation Process (CIIP), has been reviewed, field tested an accepted as the gold standard by senior investigators internationally. The CIIP is a refined and optimized methodology that provides investigators with a comprehensive and practical approach to conducting accident and incident investigations for safety improvement.

During the hands-on course, the instructor leads participants step-by-step through the CIIP that moves the investigation from explaining what happened to why it happened.  The CIIP focusses on understanding the accident or incident from a human factors perspective. It provides both new and experienced investigators with specialized tools to keep the process moving forward even if they encounter roadblocks that make it difficult to explain an accident or incident.

The training program provides participants with the CIIP to follow and a skill-set to facilitate writing reports with strong and accurate conclusions about the risk and causal factors involved in an accident or incident. Participants will learn the material through an engaging use of a case study, safety vignettes and hands-on exercises.

Did you know that most accident investigations do not fix the underlying causes of accidents?

After the training, participants will be able to use the respected Critical Incident Investigation Process  (CIIP) to get to the real reasons the accident happened. You will know “Why” the accident happened and you will know how to fix it!

When you fix the problem, you will be improving safety, reducing human error, controlling risk, getting along better with the regulators and you will be reducing the financial losses of accidents!

One accident can financially cripple a company!

The Accident-Incident Safety Investigator Training Program will help you prevent accidents, and if you only ever prevent one accident, this course will have easily paid for itself! Now is the time to modernize your safety investigation skills with an efficacy-based human factors focus.

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TIME: 08:30 -  16:30 ET


  • EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION: $1,300.00 CAD if you register before the deadline
  • REGULAR REGISTRATION: $1,600.00 CAD – Deadline is 2 weeks before course start date
  • GROUP RATE: Discounts are not available while the limited time offer below is available, please inquire about future group discounts

The on-line registration system requires a credit card for payment.  You can register more than one person at a time. We will contact you for the participants' names shortly after we receive your registration payment.  Thank you.

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REFUND POLICY: Refunds are available if requested at least 7 days before the course. A fee of $150 will be applied to cover administrative expenses (e.g., bank fees, printed materials, hotel service charges).

MEALS and REFRESHMENTS: Lunches and refreshment breaks are included in the tuition for the in-person sessions. Please advise Clinton of any food allergies 14 days prior to the course.

CREDITS and CERTIFICATION: This course has been pre-approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) for 20 CEU’s upon obtaining a passing grade on the examination. ACTAR members should bring appropriate ACTAR identification, including their ID number, for registration of the CEU’s.  All participants who attend the full course will be awarded certificates of completion.


For the live-virtual sessions, the same topics are covered across 5 half days.

Day One

  • Safety investigation interviewing, the right way
  • Assessing an incident to determine if an investigation is required
  • Assembling an investigation team
  • Managing and communicating with stakeholders and authorities
  • Finding out what happened, not why it happened, by collecting the facts
  • Photography and video for safety investigations, the right way
  • Building an action sequence

Day Two

  • Collecting additional data
  • Identifying safety significant actions
  • Figuring out why it happened by analyzing the data
  • Why-because analyses and a discussion of some alternatives such as PEMEP, root cause, Ishikawa/fish bone/cause & effect, and substandard acts/conditions analyses
  • Developing and testing preliminary explanations
  • Identifying risk factors

Day Three

  • Identifying causal factors
  • Performing a mitigation assessment
  • Performing a risk assessment
  • Developing a corrective actions plan
  • Documenting the investigation

Participants in the Accident-Incident Safety Investigator Training Program receive distinct benefits that are not provided by other training programs.  These benefits include:

  • Less down time, this program is delivered in as little as 2 days
  • Significant savings, our program is the most affordable
  • Better investigation results in less time, our investigation process is efficacy-based and customizable to meet your needs
  • Easier interactions with government safety boards, our investigation process is based on internationally accepted models


  • Effectively and efficiently conduct accident and incident investigations
  • Understand the step-wise process of investigating an accident or incident from initial notification to reporting
  • Confidently interact with stakeholders and authorities
  • Identify and preserve perishable data
  • Use the CIIP to understand “what” happened and “why” it happened
  • Use the human error identification tools to keep the investigation process moving forward
  • Identify risk and causal factors using why-because analyses
  • Articulate data driven explanations for accidents and incidents
  • Evaluate the need for additional mitigations
  • Perform risk assessments to determine the need for safety action
  • Propose corrective action plans
  • Draft reports that flow logically from accident narratives to data descriptions and analyses and clearly identify the risk and causal factors involved in accidents and incidents


  • Accident and Incident Safety Investigators
  • Safety Inspectors 
  • Accident Reconstructionists
  • Safety Officers and Safety Managers
  • Occupational Health and Safety Professionals
  • Municipal, provincial and federal transportation officials
  • Transportation and manufacturing safety monitoring and regulating agencies and organizations
  • Commercial transportation industry officials from all modes including aviation, marine, rail, pipeline, school bus, motor coach and trucking
  • Manufacturing association officials and safety personnel
  • Patient Safety and Healthcare Safety Professionals
  • Labour Union Representatives
  • Transportation Professionals
  • Heavy Industry Professionals
  • Safety and Compliance Specialists

Approved by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction for 20 CEU’s!

This is the only Canadian ACTAR Accredited course of its kind to be taught by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s former Human Fatigue Specialist.

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