Stop Snoring with Chin-Up Strips

By Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

July 30, 2013

better sleep, snoring

Sorry, the supplier has stopped selling Chin-Up Strips.

One of the most popular products I used to sell was the Chin-Up Strip.  For people who don’t want to sleep with something in their mouths or equipment attached to their face, Chin-Up Strips are a great way to reduce or even eliminate snoring.  I used to sell a one month supply for $28, but I have found a great supplier who can sell you a one month supply of Chin-Up Strips for less and provide excellent customer service!  There are 2 types of Chin-Up Strips; one is for sensitive skin and the other is for regular skin.  I suggest starting with the regular ones and pairing them with Breathe Right Strips for a really effective way to combat snoring.  If you have trouble removing the Chin-Up Strips or the Breathe Right Strips, then use a bandage adhesive remover to gently loosen the strips before you pull them off.  If you find that this approach still causes some discomfort, then try the sensitive skin Chin-Up Strips.  Here are the links to these products:

Chin-Up Strip For Dry Mouth and Snoring, Tan horseshoe shape #22230, 30 ea 

Sensitive Skin Chin-Up Strip For Dry Mouth and Snoring, Tan boomerang shape # 33330, 30 ea

Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Large, Clear, 30 ea

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