Changing the Culture around Sleep and Fatigue Risk in the 24/7 Workforce – A Virtual Chat with the Alberta Paramedic Association

By Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

October 31, 2020

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Less sleep = More productivity - right? WRONG!!! Unfortunately, that is the overwhelming attitude among many professions and the modern society as a whole. Slowly, the idea of prioritizing sleep to increase productivity, health and safety is getting out there. Media is starting to bring attention to some of the more enlightened CEO’s like Arianna Huffington and her realization that as successful as she is, she would have been more successful with less mistakes along the way if she had prioritized sleep.

Unfortunately, in this 24/7 society our sleep does get compromised. So how do we make up for these night shifts? How do we change the culture so that catching up on sleep is not frowned upon and better shift schedules are designed?

If you work in the 24/7 workforce and want to learn more about improving your sleep and  mitigating your fatigue or, perhaps you want to learn more about the science behind fatigue to help facilitate the needed culture change in your workplace, then have a listen to my most  recent chat with Marc Moebis, Chief Operations Officer/Executive Director of the Alberta Paramedics Association as we discuss the science and the culture surrounding sleep and fatigue risk. With talks like these, we hope to encourage the necessary culture changes for the health and safety of healthcare workers and civilians alike. 

Alberta Paramedics Association

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