Preparing for the Night Shift – Virtual Chat

By Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

September 29, 2020

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Coffee & Night Shift

I recently had the pleasure of doing a Virtual Chat with Danielle Robertson Rath Caffeine Scientist, Author & Speaker. Our video, called Preparing for the Night Shift, discusses strategies for preventing fatigue and countermeasures to fight fatigue based on fatigue science and food science. 

Perhaps as a shift worker you’ve been struggling with your balance of sleep and wakefulness or wondering how you can make your awake time more productive and your sleep time more restful...Pointers from this discussion include when and how to use caffeine strategically as well as when caffeine shouldn’t be your go-to. Did you know that smelling coffee might make you as alert as drinking it? We discuss ways to improve the quality and quantity of your daytime sleep and answer your questions about melatonin and strategies for alertness during your shift and ensuring a safe drive home after your shift. 

Please join us for this helpful and interesting discussion:

Danielle Robertson Rath

Danielle’s been studying caffeine and energy drinks since 2003. Even back then, she wanted to be a resource – a guide – for people with questions about energy drinks. In fact, this is how she got the name “GreenEyedGuide”.

GreenEyedGuide is your guide to the science behind caffeine, energy drinks, and burnout. Her mission is to help people work better, sleep better, and feel better.

With her passion for caffeine and science, GreenEyedGuide has done hundreds of presentations for parents, athletes, and college students. She’s been a guest lecturer at Cal State Long Beach, a speaker at the Wisconsin State Fire Chief’s Symposium, and a featured guest on prominent podcasts all over the USA.

V-Chat Preparing for the Night Shift

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