Sleep Inertia: How long does it take you to wake up really? — 2 Comments

  1. I have been reading that more sleep inertia occurs between roughly 21 plus and 89 or less minutes of sleep compared to 10-20 minute and 90-120 minute naps.

    I was hoping to seek some of your expertise on this.

    Brian B., MSc

    • Hi Brian,
      Knowing exactly when sleep inertia will be the worst is very difficult. It depends not only on waking from deep sleep but just how profound that deep sleep may be. The “profoundness”, not sure if this is even a word, depends on many factors such as the time of day the sleep/nap is taken, the amount of prior deep sleep, individual factors such as sleep quality, delta brain waves in each stage of sleep, caffeine intake and a whole host of other factors.

      In general deep sleep is more likely to occur in between 21 and 89 minutes of the first sleep cycle, this is why they say take a short nap or a long nap, but not a medium nap. However, the research also shows that sleep inertia occurs after all sleep… so it is better to have a procedure in place that is followed after every nap that allows for sleep inertia to dissipate before engaging the napper and then to allow a nap that is as long as possible.

      If you want to talk more, let’s set up a call. I would be happy to chat about it.